Rhino Scripts
start the script ( PYTHON)
- a  Box with some instructions appears
-a window appears to select the files (multiple selections allowed)
-a list-box shows the first 20 lines of the file: look at type of separator, color and when the data start
-choose the type of separator to use.
-in the command line write the number of initial rows to skip
-in the command line write how to skip points ( 1= keep all the points , 2 = keep 1 point every 2,  etc)
-a list-box allows you to choose the type of coloration: in the upper part of the box  the first line is shown as memory .

These settings will be used for all files, then they should have the same format

- At the end of processing a box lists the files imported with the n. of points and the time employed

The speed is hardware depending : 5-6000 pts/sec are realistic

The script  uses   the method  "AddPointCloud ( points,colors)" . It accepts a list of x,y,z and the corresponding  list of RGB.

run the VBscript
- Select the objects to roto-translate
- the script asks if you want a copy
- it opens a window to select the text file containing the transformation matrix . The window displays the files with the .txt extension (otherwise choose * . *). The extension is not  important. The data must be arranged in 4 rows x 4 columns.
- the contents of the file is shown.
- Clik "Ok" to apply the transformation.